March 2020

March 1, 2020 / Comments (0)


My fellow Paisani,

As we proudly reach the halfway point in our administration, we reflect on some of our proud accomplishments over the past year:
• All Digital newsletter
• Bringing back Sunday Dinners
• Expansion of our membership roster

We also reflect on some of our challenges:
• Expense of buying new kitchen equipment
• Current Council vacancies: Financial Secretary
• Loss of several of our beloved members

We must also look forward to the goals of our 2nd year in Office:
• Continuing to recruit new, younger members…and get them involved! We still need a Recruiting Chairperson
• Generate more revenue to sustain our Lodge in the ever changing face of Little Italy
• Continue to emphasize the Pillar of Respect within the Lodge and our Italian Community.

While I have seen some of the negativity within the Lodge fade through the efforts of our OPI Committee, which I chair, we still have a ways to go. I am very proud of the progress we’ve made during our first year, from making the Lodge more secure through cameras and extra security, to having people return to the Lodge who haven’t been around in years. Our Italian chefs, our marketing efforts (adding our name and colors to our front and back doors), our support of the Bocce Leagues and local festivals… We have a lot to be proud of, but, as a famous New Jersey Italian once said, (no, not Sinatra, Jon Bon Jovi (whose real name is Bongiovanni – what Italian would change their name? LOL ) “WHOOAAAA….We’re Halfway There!” (“Living on a Prayer”).

Together, we have accomplished a lot…but united with a common goal of respect and the good of our Lodge, we have so much we need accomplish in the next year! Respect for others – and tolerating nothing less… discrimination cannot and will not be tolerated! Whether it’s race, religious beliefs or gender…as Italians, we’re better than that…zero tolerance!

I’d like you to step up and volunteer, share your valuable time and ideas and show your pride of our Italian heritage…even if it’s once a month or one event per quarter…WE’RE ALWAYS GRATEFUL! Thank you for your support this past year. I look forward to even more success as your President in this next and final year of my Administration. God Bless You, and I hope to see you at our Italian Bull Roast on March 29th… (see Vince Zaccaria for tickets 410-916-0885)

Mike Castino