June 2019

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My Fellow Paisans,

As we approach a busy Summer season … we have the St Anthony Festival the first weekend in June, the Grand Lodge Convention the second week…and as I hope all Mothers had a Wonderful Mother’s Day, I’d be remiss in not wishing our fathers a Happy Father’s Day as well.

As I do remind everyone to get ready for our Brand New digital newsletter beginning July 1

Remember you will have 3 options to receive our newsletter-if there is a change to how you currently receive the newsletter- let us know:

1- Make sure we have a valid email for you to receive your LaNotizia . Whether it’s your own email,or that of a relative who can print it out and give it to you🙂. If you do not have internet access- we will have some printed off in the back of the Lodge when you come by for an event.
Or if you would still like it mailed to you- please send us $10 to cover a year’s worth of mailing costs

Also, we do currently have it available on our main page online…

As we move into what will be a beautiful Summer season, remember the Lodge is strongest because of the people that are members. I would like to recognize 4 people, who because of their or their family’s generosity, make a true difference- and try to make other people’s lives better…

Tony Walmsley– while challenged by Multiple Sclerosis- managed to walk and FINISH the MS walk as well as raise over $2000.00 for such a worthy cause… Great job Tony!!

Anita Nucci– who for almost 40 years has been a cornerstone of The Ronald McDonald House- which recently opened their larger, more beautiful location on Asquith street, which helps make people’s lives better during challenging times.

Tom Moscato– whose father John Moscato, built the first Television in Baltimore over 70 years ago in Highlandtown- which was featured in a recent Baltimore Sun article. Thanks to John – where would our lives be without TV?

And last, but certainly not least, Sam Mogavero, who so generously donated a brand new beautiful kitchen to our Lodge. Words cannot express the gratitude that we feel for such a philanthropic gesture… Sam- God Bless your unselfish generosity.

I would like to remind everyone in these times of transition and change at the Lodge to respect each other and to respect the hard work that everyone is doing for the ‘good of the Lodge’.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Lodge and give unselfishly of their time for each of us. They deserve our respect and support, not our criticism. So before being negative and finding fault with the actions of others, volunteer to help and make a positive difference for the good of the Lodge. The Lodge can only be great if we are all great!

God Bless,
Mike Castino

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