January 2020

January 1, 2020 / Comments (0)


My Fellow Paisans,
A wise person once said to me, “What does a New Year really mean? It means you now have 365 opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life.” I would like to think that in 2019, we made a difference in someone’s life…by saying a kind word, listening when someone needed to talk, hugging a friend during a tough time or praying for someone who needed our prayers.

2020…WOW! Y2K was 20 years ago! 9/11/2002 – almost 19 years have passed since that fateful day! How quickly life is passing us by…we’ve lost loved ones, gained new babies, and through it all, where is our perspective?

As a lodge, we’ve made a difference, collecting clothes for the homeless, helping those less fortunate through acts as well as donations; but what will 2020 bring for us as a Lodge, and more importantly, as individuals? We all
now have a clean slate, 365 opportunities to make a difference to someone. I ask each of you, whether it’s called a resolution, fasting or just turning over a new leaf in a new year. Let’s make each new day a new opportunity to show respect to someone who may need that kind word. Instead of complaining over how someone volunteers or who had an extra meatball on their plate, why not say “Thank God they’re here and pitched in! I need to say thank you to that individual!”

We do not know what other people are going through. I recently witnessed a lodge member berate a fellow member over the fact that they had received an extra meatball with their meal, not knowing that the individual had been out of work for several months, lost a close relative recently, had their house in foreclosure, and was struggling to keep their lights on. And, to watch someone get truly worked up over one meatball, I was heartbroken. We don’t need to know what someone is going through to be patient, empathetic, and kind to them. Life is too short for petty
arguments and I’ve sadly witnessed too many. I’ve also witnessed the frustration some members have with other members. But, not everyone will make a molehill into an mountain.

Let’s go into 2020 with a new perspective…365 opportunities to make a positive difference. Even if we fail half the time, we can have a good impact on our fellow human beings over 180 times throughout the year. What a wonderful difference that would make! As I wish each of you a Happy New Year and a Blessed 2020. Let’s make the most of every opportunity to be kind to one anothe and leave any pettiness behind in 2019. We’re better than that…I’m sure of it. Let’s have a wonderful New Year, and take every opportunity to do the right thing and be respectful and kind to one another.

• They may see the good you do as self-serving…continue to do good.
• They may see your generosity as grandstanding…continue to be generous.
• They may see your warm and caring nature as a weakness…continue to be warm and caring.
• For you see , in the end, it is between you and God…it never was between you and them anyway.

God Bless You and I hope to see you at our Annual Epiphany Party.