February 2020

February 1, 2020 / Comments (0)


My fellow Paisani,
As we finish an eventful January – another successful Epiphany party, having been lucky enough to have the inspiring Brandon Novak share his story of addiction and recovery to a mesmerized crowd at our January general meeting – right through to us being able to host the Baltimore City Crime forum at the lodge… What a month!!!!

We do need to look ahead and realize we have many upcoming exciting events such as our Italian Bull and Oyster Roast on March 29 – mark your calendar’s now! We also have the St. Anthony and St. Gabriel festivals just around the corner. We have a lot to do to promote our lodge as we get ready for these events! One of the things we need to remember is it’s all about the future of the lodge. It’s an opportunity to bring in new members! I’m aware that there are some concerns with recent sales at some of the local restaurants and that the face of Little Italy may change, but no matter what, the traditions must continue.

As we move forward as Sons of Italy, we must maintain our integrity, our family values, the traditions that we all grew up on and the pride we have in our heritage. This is imperative no matter what changes occur throughout our community. As we go through the month of February and celebrate a month dedicated to love – we need to show not only love for
our history , our values and for the love of our legacy to our children.

Respect and love is what is needed. During the past eleven months, I have watched our Lodge, where there are always issues which arise, deal with these issues with the positive energy of respect. I feel a sense of pride and respect arising to conquer the negativity that has plagued us in the past.

I hope as we move through 2020, we remember to be kind to each other. Remember to be proud of our heritage. Remember to build upon the changes and progress we have already been made. Our Lodge is nearly 50 years old. We need to move into the future stronger and prouder than ever.
Let’s make the month of February – a month dedicated to love – all about the love of our Italian heritage. Let’s grow our Lodge, despite whatever distractions may arise – to be bigger and stronger in 2020 than at any other
time in the past 47 years!

Mike Castino