May 2019

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My fellow Paisans,

As we go into the month of May, I am reminded that it is a time of renewal and rebirth…as the spring flowers return, so returns the enthusiasm and excitement of coming to the Lodge. We are blessed to see people returning and families coming to our events. Whether it’s a Friday Night Dinner where new memories are made, a successful Shrimp Feast in March or a special Palm Sunday breakfast. It is a time of renewal at the Lodge.

As we prepare for a very busy summer with the Saint Anthony and Saint Gabriel festivals, our state convention in Ocean City in June and the Volunteer Lunch in July, it’s not only the time to volunteer, but to share your pride in our Lodge by encouraging friends and family to join…

I am proud of the encouragement and positive energy the Lodge has been receiving recently, it is a reflection of the people who enthusiastically show their love and respect for the Lodge, it’s culture and renewed family values.

I encourage you to please reach out and volunteer for an upcoming event, and bring a friend to the event who may want to join as well. We move forward proud, honored and most importantly, together.

It truly is for the “Good of the Lodge “ that we strive to go to new heights for our future. Thank You for all your continuous hard work and God Bless.

Mike Castino

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