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Order Sons of Italy in America


"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"

  The OSIA Little Italy Lodge #2286, in the heart of Baltimore's century-old Italian neighborhood, welcomes you to its home.      We invite you in - to immerse yourself in the old-world charm and rich cultural heritage of a thriving Italian community, to participate, no matter how far away you may be, in the timeless Italian traditions of hospitality and generosity, to find comfort and joy in discovering that, yes, family and good food and laughter can still be found in a too-often fragmented and melancholy world.    

  Explore our home, drop in often and celebrate life and family with us.



The March 6th Friday Night Dinner has been cancelled owing to inclement weather.


St. Leo’s Ravioli Dinner has been rescheduled
The new date is
Sunday, March 22nd.


Important Notice to all Members

         1.Nominations for vacant Lodge offices(see election results below) will be accepted at the

  March 10th, 2015 General Membership meeting immediately following the induction of recently

    elected officers(see election results below). Current VACANT offices include President, Treasurer,

one Mistress or Master of Ceremonies and two Arbitration Committee

    Names of qualified nominees will be posted subsequent to the meeting in La Notizia, this website

and flyers at the Lodge.

        2.Election to fill vacant positions will be held at the General Membership meeting, April 14,2015.

Call Leo Otterbein, Chairman of the Election Committee, at 410-825-4411 or email him at docotter2000@yahoo.com if you have questions or need further information.


ATTENTION - Pandola Center Closing

The Reverend Oreste Pandola Learning Center will be closed due to inclement weather predicted for Thursday, March 5, 2015.




February 17th, 2015

Below is the List of Elected officers who were either unopposed or received a plurality of votes
(cf. Trustees and State Delegates results).

Note that the offices of President, Treasurer and two positions on the Arbitration Committee remain vacant. A Special Election will be held to fill these vacancies. Specific date and time of this election will be annnounced.


Election Results

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

President: VACANT

Vice President: Charles Ferraro (Unopposed)


Orator: Robert Taylor (Unopposed)

Recording Secretary: Ali Sliwka (Unopposed)

Financial Secretary: Dawn Bintz (Unopposed )

Corresponding Secretary:
Silvana Ferrante (Unopposed)

Guard: Louise Cox: (Unopposed )

Master / Mistress Of Ceremonies:
Theresa Taylor (Unopposed)

Trustee: 5 candidates were elected from a field of 6 as follows:

John Bassolino      Bonnie Montcalmo       Imelda Liberatore
Maria Ferrante    Anthony Montcalmo

Arbitration Committee: (Three elected Unopposed; please note thatTWO of the five required positions on this Committee remain VACANT. )

Sal Spinnato    Sam Mugavero    Pat Greco

State Delegates: Twelve candidates were elected from a field of 21:

Nancy Wolfe           Sal Spinnato               Anthony Montcalmo
Bill Bertazon          Bonnie Montcalmo       John Calabrese       
Martha Calabrese    Robert Taylor              John Bassolino
Ali Sliwka              Pat Greco                   Theresa Taylor 
***The remaining nominees ( a total 0f 9) automatically become Alternate State Delegates           




Sal Spinnato
Lodge President

Bill Bertazon





Friday Night Dinner







election results






Stiles Street (Bocce Court)
Entrance to the Lodge


Stiles Street in Little Italy


The Little Italy Lodge
905 East Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

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